Animals and Teens, by Gail Green
Cat Wrangling Made Easy, by Dusty Rainbolt
Stable Smarts, by Heather Smith Thomas


e-Learning and Business Plans, by Elaina M. Norlin & Tiffini A. Travis
Social Marketing: Influencing Behavior for Good, by Philip Kotler and Nancy R. Lee


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Implementing Positive Behavior Support Systems in Early Childhood and Elementary Settings
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Juvenile Court, by Leora Krygier
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Passing the Superintendent TExES Exam, by Elaine L. Wilmore
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The Principal as Professional Learning Community Leader, by Ontario Principals' Council
Response to Intervention in Math, by Paul Riccomin and Bradley Witzel
A School District’s Journey to Excellence, by William R. McNeal and Thomas B. Oxholm
Student Teams That Get Results, by Gail H. Gregory
Talk About Teaching!, by Charlotte Danielson
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Teaching the Female Brain, by Abigail Norfleet James
Vocabulary Lists and Activities for the PreK-2 Classroom
, by Susan E. Israel
The Write to Read, by Leslie J. Roessing


Reading a Japanese Film, by Keiko MacDonald
Re-Hybridizing Transnational Domesticity and Femininity: Women's Contemporary Filmmaking and Lifewriting in France, Algeria and Tunisia, by Stacey Weber-Fave


The Complete Houseplant Survival Guide, by Barbara Pleasant
New England Wildflowers, by Frank S. Kaczmarek


48 Hours of Kristallnacht, Mitchell G. Bard
Cowboys, Mountain Men and Grizzly Bears, by Matthew P. Mayo
The Crucible of Power, by Howard Jones
It Happened in Connecticut, by Diana Ross McCain
One Sunday in December, by Lou Sahadi
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A Priest, a Prostitute, and Some Other Early Texans, by Don Blevins
Winning at War, by Christian P. Potholm II


A Field Guide to the Information Commons, by Forrest & Halbert
Leadership Basics for Librarians and Informational Professionals, by G. Edward Evans & Patricia Layzell Ward
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Research Within the Disciplines, by Peggy Keeran
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Social Sciences Research, by Gail Staines
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Aidan Chambers: Master Literary Choreographer, by Betty Greenway
American Modernism
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Colonialism and the Revolutionary Period, by Karen Meyers
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Well-Dressed Role Models, by Gale Eaton


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Back on Top, by Ginger Emas
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